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Practicing in central NY, Debra is a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) who works with individuals, couples, families and groups. In her psychotherapy private practice, she focuses primarily on relationship issues even with individual clients (relationship to an emotion or dynamic, to another person, to a system, etc) with the ultimate goal being healing within the client and subsequent positive change in the client’s relationships. Lasting positive change is fostered by understanding how relationships work and by developing the skills and confidence to function through the feeling in even the most challenging situations.

The Function of Relationships

In Debra’s words: "The function of relationships is analogous to the function of pain: it gets our attention so that we are afforded the opportunity to promote healing. We are attracted to others from a similar woundedness. The presence of our partner (or child or sibling or coworker, etc) in our lives ensures that we continue to have to face the issue at the heart of our Wound so that we can heal through it. Reactively replacing partners in actual fact only delays the healing process because alleviating the symptom merely brings us immediate topical relief … until the symptom resurfaces in the next relationship because we’ve not yet addressed the underlying issue or source of the symptom. In other words, there’s functionality to our relational pain/conflicted relationships and revealing that function is a focus of the therapeutic process in my practice. In essence, the relationship becomes the medium of positive change."

As a practicing clinician for over 35 years, Debra’s gleaned the experience necessary to quickly assess impediments to growth and healthy relationships. Her goal is to co-create with her clients the probability for healing and clarity … conscious and deliberate living both as individuals as well as in relationships. Debra is a published researcher as well as a seasoned clinician. She’s a Clinical Member and Approved Supervisor of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Her services will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how relationships work and how problems can be resolved even if feeling helpless. Debra is honored that, in the past 39 years of practice, prior to the creation of this site, that all her referrals were generated sans advertisement.

Are you noticing troublesome or stressful patterns in your relationships at home or at work?

Is your teenager stretching you beyond your limits?

Are you trying to choose the right partner?

Are you feeling helpless or bullied?

Are you returning home from combat and having trouble adjusting to life at home?

Are you engaging in destructive behaviors that harm your career, relationships, self-esteem?

Are you unable to move on and heal from past trauma?

Do you desire to elevate your consciousness and evolve into a better person?

Are you feeling misunderstood by your family or partner?

Many people who come to Debra’s office for services have tried therapy before and had little success despite having brought in their family, child, spouse or partner. It seemed to them that their previous therapist was not in a position to foster change. Indeed, not every therapist is skilled in working with more than one client in the room at a time, as they’ve not been appropriately trained for such scenarios. MFTs know how to deal with high conflict issues between and amongst spouses/partners, parent-child/teen, siblings, etc.

Discretion and Privacy

The inconspicuous and residential setting of Debra’s office affords her clients a very high level of privacy. There is no waiting room experience, no intrusions from which to recover, no awkward moments of having to avert your eyes because you recognize someone, etc. Accustomed to working with those who appreciate the utmost in confidentiality, she schedules clients with a half an hour in between sessions to eliminate such unfortunate encounters. Additionally, she handles all her own billing and answers all calls personally; in her practice, there are no third parties with which to contend. All these exceptional facets of her practice serve to further safeguard your privacy.

Debra’s office is comfortable and inviting; the opposite of a sterile office environment. Parking is available and free. Debra conducts her practice the way she’d want to experience therapy if the roles were reversed.

Contact Info

Email debra@cnytherapist.com or call 315.478.0083 for a free 15 minute consultation