The following services are available to you or those you hold dear:

Child Therapy: Pre-adolescent and adolescent behavioral and conduct issues, aggression and anger, anxiety, depression, school problems, peer relationships, emotional issues, chronic illness, attachment/separation anxiety, parent-child struggles, sibling rivalry, loss, effects of divorce, trauma, separation anxiety

Couple Therapy: Pre-marital preparation, parenting, conflicts, intimacy and sexuality, affairs, remarriage, domestic violence, choosing a mate, in-law problems, loss of parent or child

Family Therapy: Parent-child and parent-teen struggles, blended families, separated/ divorced families, sibling conflict, grandparent-adult child relationships, adult sibling problems, loss, physical/sexual/emotional abuse

Individual Therapy: Consciousness raising, realizing potential, depression, anxiety, trauma recovery, violence, sex offender, unlearning racism/sexism/classism, recovery from incest, loss, compulsive behaviors, oppression, personal enlightenment, relationship preparation

Consulting: Consulting for companies, agencies and clinics. This is an opportunity for agencies to provide the services of a Marriage and Family Therapist for a fixed fee without having to pay employee benefits. Available on a predetermined schedule. Most services offered on this site are available with Debra's consulting services.

Marriage and Family Therapy mentoring: MFTs desiring clinical support, oversight, guidance, consultation from a former AAMFT Approved Supervisor.

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